Friday, May 22, 2009

Here are the videos from Katherine's ballet. These are actually the dress rehearsal because the file size on the camera I was using is much smaller than the one we used on the night of the performance. And well, she actually danced at the dress rehearsal whereas she pretty much just stood there for the performance.

In this first clip they are all doing the same thing until Katherine decided to break out into her own twirling moves. Then she does her "rock and roll" moves with a bit more gusto than the other girls.

In this clip she does a great job of pointing her toes and tapping her feet. Then she decides to come see me but quickly changes her mind and goes back to her place. Then I thought she was going to do a somersault after her "out and in" move. I love how Camille on the left is dancing beautifully, Katherine is doing an upside down move and Sophia is sucking her thumb (she had just woken up from a nap). Then when they chasse to the side they are all looking to find the "x" they are supposed to stand on.

Beautiful twirls and beautiful curtsy

I thought that the whole thing was absolutely precious. I can't think of anything cuter than a bunch of 3 year olds doing ballet.

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